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AMAZE Fashion Alleviates Frustration on Browsing Experience Through Web Stories Format

With thousands of products displayed online, AMAZE Fashion, an online clothing rental, was suffering from a poor page speed performance. Adopting web stories format to deliver a promotional campaign, AMAZE Fashion has significantly elevated the customer experience through a fast-loaded page with an immersive design and digestible content format.

Goal Maximize A Campaign Momentum

Amaze overall website performance was falling on the range of poor site performance. This caused the page loading to run slow. Amaze aims to create a marketing campaign that can be quickly grasped by its audience. With most of its audience is mobile users, the campaign ideally should be optimized for mobile viewing.

Solution Adopting Web Story Format

Not only that web story format can load significantly faster, the immersive visual design maximizes the viewing experience. With the majority of web stories content contain visual instead of wall-of-text, web story format content is more digestible. Various interactive features also enhance content engagement.


By implementing web story format, the campaign performance increase with the campaign page load 3.5 times faster for both mobile and dekstop device. By the end of the campaign, the completion rate reached 86% and 1.6% of the bounce rate for eleven pages of web story.

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